Gabby Gains Guide Vol.2

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 You do NOT need to do vol. 1 to do vol. 2!

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  • NEW 5 day workout split
    • Divided into 2 phases. Each phase is 4 weeks long, creating a total of 8 weeks. 
  • ALL NEW WORKOUTS for Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • NEW mobile friendly eBook layout with columns for easy zooming.
    • Redesigned workout pages (with images and descriptions of each workout on each page to avoid scrolling to the glossary).
  • Less “optional” items
    • Structured LISS cardio.
    • Scheduled HIIT days.
    • Ab workouts programmed directly into the workouts.
  • NEW printable workout logs (at the end of the guide PDF. You can print these pages separately)
  • A NEW section on fighting gym nerves/anxiety.
  • Suggested REST TIMES.
  • Specific workout TEMPOS included for a variety of movements.
  • NEW section dedicated to Warmups and Stretching.
  • FAQ section. Your commonly asked questions including:
    • How do I lose fat? How do I build muscle? 
  • Additional information on nutrition, macros, and intuitive eating.
    • Calculating calories and macronutrient breakdowns
    • Section on Intuitive eating
    • List of top protein, fats, and carbs sources
    • Supplement recommendations
  • Access to the Gabby Gains Guide Facebook group

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